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National Workshop August 2014

Sunset over the Murray River at Tailem Bend

The National Workshop was held on Saturday 9 August from 11am to 4pm EST.  There was good attendance with 36 people in attendance or engaged privately in prayer or in reflection on the issues discussed.  Groups gathered in Brisbane, Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Canberra, and Perth.  Individuals from Melbourne, Adelaide, Lake Macquarie, and Corowa joined in.  Unfortunately, Tasmania encountered technical problems and were unable to join the teleconference sessions.  Pat McKenzie reported that they had good discussions nevertheless.

A detailed program was prepared to guide the discussions in each session.  Download it here

A full report will be distributed to all Members and Friends when reports from the various groups are collated.  Feedback on the day and afterwards was positive and similar to Jill Robertson’s comment on Wellspring Facebook: “Today was a great day - our first national talk fest with teleconferences three times during the day. The three of us in Canberra really enjoyed our day and had good conversations on the relevant topics and irrelevant ones too.”

In the main, the discussions on formation and Open Space Technology were positive.  Although there were some reservations about going down new paths, in general the sentiment was, “Let’s give it a go!”
Neil Holm, August 2014

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